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Here at the Waldschlösschen 30459 Ricklingen-Hostel Hannover Mühlenholzweg 72 you
can book rooms so reasonably priced because it goes without unnecessarily facilities:
Dur shared rooms for up to 8 persons are equipped with WC's and showers on the hallway.
The dormitories at the hostel Wald schlösschen Ricklingen have got standard bunk beds
The Waldschlösschen Ricklingen Hostel has a low-priced bed for everybody, whether you
are travelling by bicycle, motorcycle or car, whether you are a globetrotter or a visitor to a
trade fair, whether you are alone or as a group - we offer you low-priced beds.
From Hannover central station it takes merely 15 minutes by tram and bus.
The Waldschlösschen Ricklingen in the right place to stay for a joumey through or a city
The Waldschlösschen Ricklingen is embedded in the Ricklingen Woods at the 83 road.
You can get on foot to the Ricklingen and Döhrener Masch with their ponds suitable for

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Arrival calendar
Departure calendar
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